четверг, 17 января 2013 г.

Golden Globes Celebrity Gifts Lounge

The earrings in this category was gifted at celebrity Gift Lounges (GBK's Golden Globes Gift Lounge).
This year, we were honored to have many of our handmade earrings and displayed at the GBK Golden Globes Gift Lounge. Approx. 100 celebrities took Trio Earrings home, in their swag bag.

 For two days, lots of celebrities visited our display and some of them posed with our products. Here are just a few of the celebrities who love us!

  Trio Earrings gifted to
Aldis Hodge, Alison Pill, Anthony Anderson, Archie Panjabi, Bellamy Young, Ben Schwartz,Brian Benben,  Chloe Bennet, David Costabile, Dennis Christopher, Diego Boneta, Dorian Missick, Dorian Missick, E.J. Bonilla, Erinn Hayes, Giancarlo Esposito, Graham Rogers, Grant Bowler, Gregg Henry, Ian Patrick, Jackson Pace, Jai Rodriguez, Janina Gavankar, Jared Gilman, Jeff Daniels, Jerrika Hinton, Josh Lawson, Joshua Malina, Joyful Drake, Julie White, Kate Flannery, Kerry Washington, Kevin Brown, Laura Benanti, Laura Wiggins, Lindsay Pulsipher, Liza Lapira, Loretta Devine, Mackenzie Aladjem, Madeline Zima, Meagan Tandy, Michael Steger, Navid Negahban, Nicole Kidman, Raphael Sbarge, Rebecca Field, Reggie Lee, Reid Scott, Rex Lee, Rhea Seehorn, RJ Mitte, Robert Herjavec, Robert Knepper, Rowly Dennis, Sammi Rotibi, Sara Rue, Sarah Baker, Sarah Drew, Shanola Hampton, Sharon Pierre-Louis, Shemar Moore, Silas Weir Mitchell, Suzy Nakamura, Tempestt Bledsoe, Tilky Jones, Titus Welliver, Toks Olagundoye, Trieu Tran

среда, 9 января 2013 г.

Amber - Metaphysical and Physical


Metaphysical:Amber allows the body to heal itself by absorbing and transmuting negative energy into positive energy. It emits a sunny and bright soothing energy, which helps to calm nerves and enliven ones disposition. Amber is used on the different chakras for opening and cleansing. It is used for connection of the conscious self to universal perfection. It helps to bring what is desired to the state of reality. It stimulates the mind and opens up the crown chakra. It transmutes the energy of physical vitality towards the activation of unconditional love. Amber helps in the realization and subsequent response of choice, helping one to choose as well as to be chosen. It has been used as a symbol for renewal of marriage vows and to assure promises. It has been used to bring good luck to warriors. It's a sacred stone to Eastern Indians as well as Native Americans. It has been used in fire ceremonies of ancient tribal healers. It was burned in the medieval days as a fumigant and incense to clear the environment of negative energy. It was used in the breastplates of high priest. It aligns the ethereal energies to the physical, emotional and mental bodies, providing for and even flow of perfect order to the requirements of the Earth plane while balancing the electromagnetics of the physical body. It cleanses the environment in which it rest and is an excellent mineral for use in purifying birthing and re-birthing rooms. It also can purify one's body, mind and spirit when worn, carried or used in an elixir.

It has been used for the treatment of goiter and other diseases of the throat. It has also been successful in the treatment of the kidneys and bladder. In ancient times it was used as a type of antibiotic, ground and ingested or soaked (elixir) and taken orally.